Berkner High School Army JROTC

  Richardson, Texas

JROTC Mission

To motivate young people to become better citizens

BHS JROTC Enrollment Information

To enroll in JROTC, students must be enrolled at Berkner High School.  Talk to your counselor to see if you are eligible to take a Physical Education or Elective Credit during one of the four class periods we offer for LET 1s. New students must start JROTC in the 1st Semester.  Cadets wear their uniforms at least once per week for a grade.  Uniforms, books and equipment are provided at no cost to the student.  In addition to the curriculum discussed below, cadets participate in weekly leadership application to build leadership and teamwork skills.  JROTC offers a multitude of after school events to supplement the cadet's interest and education (see link for Special Teams and Photo Gallery).

Each Leadership Education and Training (LET) Level has an accredited curriculum that builds on each successive year in JROTC.


Orients students to the purpose of the Army JROTC Program and to their roles as Cadets.  Provides an introduction to Leadership Theory and Application.  Builds essential skills Cadets need to maximize learning potential and future success, and lays the groundwork for service learning.

    • Prerequisite:  Full-time enrollment at BHS in 9th – 12th grade,  Acceptable Conduct & Physical Ability


Builds on lessons learned in ROTC 1. Provides information and tools Cadets need to take responsibility for physical and mental wellness.  Cadets build first aid, map reading and land navigation skills.  Builds the basic skills and interest for participation in civic and political life.

    • Prerequisite:  10th through 12th Grade, ROTC 1


Builds on lessons learned in ROTC 1 & 2 with instruction on advanced Leadership Theory and Application, Foundations for Success, and advanced skills and interest for participation in civic and political life.

    • Prerequisite:  11th through 12th Grade, ROTC 1 & 2


Builds on lessons learned in ROTC 1, 2, & 3.  Cadets must demonstrate the ability to study independently and to complete the exercises, case studies, and vignettes in the Program of Instruction within time constraints.

    • Prerequisite:  11th through 12th Grade, ROTC 1, 2, & 3

JROTC Events

The video below highlights many of the events that cadets may participate in throughout the school year and into the summer.  Events may change year to year based on cadet interest and needs.  All JROTC events focus on cadet involvement in the school/community and are designed to improve personal skills and motivate them to become better citizens.